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Ambassador Program

Are you a social media butterfly?  How about a yoga connoisseur or instructor?  Models and online personalities are also welcome! Do you want free clothes!?  If yes, then we want you on our team!  We are looking for ambassadors to help promote our clothing line.

To sign up for our ambassador program please email us at with the following information:  

  • Make sure the subject of your email is AMBASSADOR PROGRAM
  • First and Last Name
  • Email address
  • Phone Number
  • Links to any and all social media sites or websites in which you manage ex: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc. 
  • A short description of why you think you could be an asset to the team
  • A unique 6-10 digit promo code of your choosing that will be used to track your progress.

We will carefully select a group of ambassadors to join the team based on the evaluation of the information you submit.  Free clothing will then be sent to you to promote.  Once you receive your free clothing your performance will be based on the amount of sales you get through your networks.  A unique promo code will be used to track your progress.  We reserve the right to cancel your membership at anytime should you not continually meet these requirements.  In addition to free clothing we will give CASH rewards for this program on a PER MONTH basis:

  • 10 referral sales= $20.00 
  • 20 referral sales= $40.00
  • 30 referral sales= $60.00
  • 40 referral sales= $80.00
  • 50 referral sales= $100.00


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